prestashop admin app

Admin Mobile App: Manage Your Store on Mobile Device

An app that lets users manage and handle their online store via a mobile device.

Doesn’t this sound agreeable, contented and safe?
Indeed it does.

The good news is, we do have a similar app, rather a better one. Named Prestashop Admin App, it is your entire package if you are facing difficulties while managing your Prestashop store. With innumerable remarkable features, the app is available for both iOS and Android.

Along with being easily downloadable, the Admin App lets its users have a keen look at their store’s data; thus helping them in preparing a detailed report of their store’s activities.

Before we move any further, let’s have a look at what the app exactly offers and how does it make management a fun job.

Multi-Language Support

Option To Add EAN Code, Specifically For Italian Clients

Tracking Number Of Orders From Order Detail Page

Product’s Image Using Device’s Camera From The App Itself

Add Weight And Dimensions Of The Product

Add Push Notifications For New Orders While Configuring Time/Sound

Choose Whether The Product’s Price Is Exclusive Or Inclusive Of Tax

A Detailed Analysis Of Total Revenue Earned

Download/View Invoice Of Completed Orders

A Track Of Daily/Monthly/Yearly Wise Visits On The Store

Total Number Of Orders Along With Complete Order Details

Top 5 Selling Products

Last 5 Orders, Last 5 Searches and Top 5 Searches

Complete Product View Along With Categories and Sub-Categories

Sales Statistics Including Profits and Losses

Billing/Shipping/Payment Details

These features are a sure bet when it comes to managing an online store. Not only they make management uncomplicated but beneficial as well. Whether it’s about getting higher profits or loyal customers, the features and the app make way for everything, everywhere.

Just a smart phone with the admin app – and you are good to go.